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Everything you need to know after getting your 

Drink plenty of water!

Prevent sun damage


Larger tattoos will take longer

big patches of ink or shading will take the longest to heal

Keep the tattoo covered, but avoid tight clothing


Getting a tattoo can be daunting, once the tattoo is complete it's up to you to maintain and take care of the work for the best result! Your artist will have given you a whole bunch of information when they finished your piece and there's a decent chance you've forgotten something important- fear not! We have compiled everything you need to know here on how to take care of your tattoo, ensuring it heals properly and stays looking fresh for as long as possible.

Day 1

Our artist will have wrapped your tattoo in plastic gauze, leave this on for 3 hours and then wash your hands thoroughly before gently peeling back the wrap. The area will be sore and potentially leak some blood and ink, this is completely normal, it's important to use warm water and soap that will not be an irritant (fragrance free) to clean the area. Pat dry and leave for a few minutes before applying tattoo ointment (we will have given you a pack of "hustle butter" for this step.)

2-3 Days later

The tattoo may start to look a little strange at this stage as the skin is healing, you won't always scab up but this is normal. Wash the area twice a day, pat dry and apply tattoo ointment as before.

4-7 Days later

The skin may still be scabbing but a lot of the redness will begin to fade now, make sure not to irritate your skin further. Continue washing and applying ointment.

7-15 Days later

The skin may start to feel very itchy at this stage, you can expect the scabs to harden and the skin to start flaking, it's time to ensure you are hydrating the skin, apply moisturizer 2-3 times per day. If the tattoo is still red and swollen at this point consult your artist if concerned!

15+ days

The scabs and flaky skin should start to clear up over the next few weeks, continue to moisturize multiple times per day and re hydrate your skin. It may take 3-4 months to heal completely but it should start looking as it should after the 3rd month.

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